Mobilizing the Community
                                                                                                                                                                                   for Children and Youth   

TCYC Programs and Initiatives

DCNT is an educational experience that focuses on the social development needs of elementary school children through the use of ballroom dancing. The fifth graders participating in DCNT will:

  • improve their ability to relate to peers from other cultural groups
  • improve their social skills
  • improve their ability to manage their behavior
  • increase their respect for others
  • significantly impact childhood obesity issues, and
  • decrease school absenteeism, improve their grades, and increase their chances for graduation

TEAM UP! combines engaging, virtual curriculum with on campus professional athelete mentoring to motivate students to stay in school and build 21st century skills like leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, mathmatics, science, and reading. TEAM UP! provides Kid's College (KC) access to all 3rd to 5th grade students in the 16 school districts throughout Tarrant County.

BONDS combines and replicates the projects of BC2, CNN, and MISSP to create a successful trifecta project for a community in need of decreasing social isolation to reduce child abuse and neglect. BONDS will work within the community to construct leadership development and community cohesiveness. BONDS works to rally community members to take ownership of their schools and children while assisting schools with programs and activities that the community thinks will be beneficial to the children and youth based on community concerns and obstacles.
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